HELP! How do I handle something like this ?

Im trying to get my ex back and when I mentioned something like getting back together he says

"So I find myself getting caught in the middle a lot and there are times when I think about how things used to be and want to try and make it like that again but then there are also times when I think of what's happened and I find myself still having trouble getting over it all"

He's been giving me mixed signals and we've been friends with benefits for about 5 months now. He has mentioned that he feels bad about the mixed signals and he tries not to give them, but he says sometimes he just feels lovey and in the mood.


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  • It kinda sounds like he is just taking advantage of u by gettin to get the sex with u but not having to deal wit u as a gf. But I don't know this guy so i can only guess but i think u should move on and find someone who wants to be with u


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  • Clearly if you want to get back together, you need to cut off the sex. Why does he have to get back with you when he's sleeping with you and he knows you have feelings for him? He may be feeling as he does, but he's not going to say "No" to sex. Also, with the fact that you two are now single, how do you know that he doesn't have other women he's banging? A guy can still feel for his ex and stick his dick in other chicks.

    I would also tell him not to be so vague. Caught in the middle of what? What does he think caused the rift between you two that caused the break-up? The fact that you want to work at being together again makes it obvious that you want to be like how you two were in the beginning.

    Also, if you stop sleeping with him and he simply says that he doesn't want to get back together/he's moving on and you should too, he was only staying for the sex in my opinion.


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  • uve been friends with benefits but you aren't together? you do realise he is probably using you for sex dont you?


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