Girls, friends ex gf acting weird, any advice?

So my friends gf left him a week ago, he hasn't contacted her since but she is in constant contact with his sister. The thing is, he was cautious about his ex meeting his sister because she is so well known around town as a jealous evil trouble maker (trust me she is a b@&£h) and always hates her brother being happy and a better life than she has. Anyway, they have been in a ldr for 3 years and visit eachother often. His ex just went home from her last visit 3 weeks ago. in the past they both told a lot of lies to eachother and they decided to come clean to one another. They worked through it and she left his house to return home happy, in fact she was back only a few days before they booked her next fight to him. it wasn't all plain sailing while she was there, my friend was stressed and not feeling himself and said a lot of hurtful things. She sent him a message a week before they broke up saying she loves him and she wants them to work and will do whatever it takes, my friend agreed to get therapy for his mood swings. They spoke everyday and she continuously told him "you're mine", "never leave me" and was planning their wedding. They had s fight a few days after as my friend over reacted to something on a social media page, he instantly knew he was wrong and apologised. She however ended it there and then. She sent him messages about how her male friend is better in bed than him (he's one of the things she lied about, she said they were friends then confessed that they kissed months ago) she then said she felt a relief when she posted the engagement ring back to him. Now she has screenshots of all their personal messages and is sending them to his sister, his sister in return is telling her to leave him and never be with him again etc. His sister is also asking his ex to come and stay with her for a month and using her. So is there any chance they can get back together or is it over for good? They were perfect together so it's a shame
Thanks people
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I would agree, he is taking this time to continue with his counselling and getting himself back to his old self. I'm gay so have no experience with women And how they think, I expect she's pretty mad right now. She told him her last day there with him was perfect and that's what he wants to make everyday like. They've never really had time alone as he's a single father from a previous relationship so they haven't even had time alone. She and the child have an Amazing bond too.
She called him the other day as she was upset about something in her family, they spoke for over two hours and now she messages him regularly, she's back to calling him my love etc and says she hopes in the future they can work things out but they need to work on themselves as individuals first. Is there anything in this or is it a lost cause? Thanks people


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  • There seems to be a possibility, but I would think your friend needs to work on himself before even trying.


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