Why do both my mum and my ex's mum think the same thing?

That my ex has ended it just because of the pressure she has with her finals?

They're happening in May and she's blatantly extremely stressed about it. I remember just a few days ago she had a massive meltdown - and I mean huge. She was screaming, shaking and throwing things around.

Both my mum and her's think that she just needed time to focus on her exams ... My mum even said she would put money on us getting back together. Her mum pretty much said the same thing when she called me.


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  • They're right, having a melt down is quite a big deal, your gf just needs space

    • My mum's a psychiatrist with 30 years of experience, so she knows her stuff and I obviously trust her. She's so sure it's that she's put a £500 wager on my Ex coming round after the exams. Obviously my ex is worth much more than that, but it has made me feel happier.

      I had a break down myself just a couple hours ago, thoughts of the things we have done were rushing through my head. I thought I could handle it, but I actually feel a lot better now after crying a bit. Thanks.

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