Guys, guys need good tips and how u would want to feel wanted and respected?

Need tips on how to get my ex boyfriend back . Fell out a week Tomoz . I haven't contacted and given him space what do I do next ? What would you want ? We feel out over something stupid !!!!


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  • Is it a fight or a break up, if its a break up who broke up with who

    • He broke up with me because I looked in his fne. I did not find anything or accuse. I was wrong xx

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    • If he is using the phone thing as an excuse then he actually wants to break up with you, I don't think there is anything he wants you to do

    • Il let him cool off but I'm not gona sit miserable

  • 4 how long haven't u contacted him basically?

    • I moved out on Tuesday last week . So haven't saw or spoken to him since that morning xx

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