Whats his issue? He broke up with me?

So me and my boyfriend broke up about a week ago. It was right when break started, and i haven't acted upset at all iwent and partied actuallly. we texted breifly but i never replied to him. so from what he knows it barely hit a nerve. Since I've seen him he's always looked really pissed at the world. Since weve been back to school, he's always withing the same group of me or literally everywhere i turn. He walked through my study hall four times today, and wed make eyecontact then hed act busy on his phone. Like whats wrong with him he broke up with me!!


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  • He is probably upset and wants you back and he's mad. Just keep doing what you are doing and act like he doesn't exist if that helps. I went through the same thing with my ex, and he came back to me although I was the one that initiated the break up and then he broke up with me. So don't go back to him just keep doing what your doing and just focus on yourself don't worry about him. Try to act like he does not exist. Sounds like to me that he is jealous, my ex would do the same thing, stare at me, make eye contact with me, etc. He knows what he did was wrong he just doesn't want to admit it. Cut off all contact with him and just do you and be you. Don't worry about him, he isn't worth your time.


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  • he's jealous and mad. that what it is. my ex acted the same way. i wouldn't talk to him he would get mad. if i went somewhere he seemed jealous and mad. he knows he was in the wrong of breaking up with you. he just doesn't want to admit it. everywhere i turned he followed me. he still wants u to be a part of his life but ur showing him that u don't which is making him really mad and upset. he still likes you. just keep doing what your doing except just end all communications with him period.


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