Guys, my ex has agreed to meet for a drink and to talk, is there hope?

Basically we split aroud 6 weeks ago, we've had little contact, and what it is it's always me who initiates the conversation. It seems as though he ignores me in day to day life, yet on his Facebook, he posts statuses and pictures which are blatantly about us... For example "I wish you could tell you were in the good days before you leave them". Anyway, I know that I'm hoping to win him back as I honestly do love him with all my heart, I can hold my hands up and admit I made mistakes, nothing drastic but I'm not perfect. I just hope that his intention to meet and talk is to maybe see a future restart of the relationship.

I'm worried I'm being led along and having my feelings played with because he knows I'll wait for him.


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  • You know him best... but just be sure he is not trying to get back together for some fool around fun, because he is not getting any elsewhere.

    Some, not all, guys will do this... but you don't need the hassles and potential for breaking your heart a second time.


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