God I messes things up!! ?

okay here I go I made a big mistake today and I'm not going to get into but I'm not pregnant or anything so don't think any of that but my mom and dad are fighting back and forth and my sister is really angry at me and I don't know what to do my parents have never fight or have fought this bad in a long time I'm just really really scared they're not like punching or anything they're just verbally going at it in I don't want anything bad to happen that's why I chose break up / divorce on the subject I will like to have any help I can get to help me my parents make up and apologize to each other and I can help my sister on my own I've done it before its just my parents have been married for a long time now I want to see something break up because of a dumb decision if anyone can understand that thanks in advance I am going to try to reply to all the comments I hope I can get some answers and try to get my family back together but anyways leave your comments please


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  • It may be that what you did was just a spark that set things off - maybe things have been in a simmer a long time.

    But it's all impossible to tell from very little :/

    A good therapist would be very valuable. I don't suppose that's an option?


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