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My ex bf & I dated two times. He dumped me the first time & came crawling back 4 months after. He dumped me for the second time a month ago w/out reason. His best friend then recently texted me saying he misses me. We talked all day long & had a regular convo. He texted me again a couple days later just saying "hey" & we had a long, but normal convo. We talked a lot the first time me and my ex dated but then stopped after we broke up. Now he's trying to talk to me again even though me and my ex are broken up. I know he isn't trying to hook up with me or anything like that bc he's not that kind of guy & wouldn't do that to his best friend. Plus he knows I'm not that kind of girl.. What could be his reason for wanting to talk to me?
I don't know if I should be talking to him.. I don't know if my ex even knows or not


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  • He is most likely trying to hook up with you, despite him seeming like he is not that kind of guy. A good girl will do a lot of crazy things to a guy, especially to young guys. It may not just be a hook up thing though, he may genuinely like you, and he could have been jealous of his friend the whole time you two were dating. Who knows.

    But the reason a guy in a situation like that reaches out to a girl is almost always because he likes her.


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  • He could be helping your ex out by getting close to you, for multiple reasons. I personally wouldn't bother trying to be friends with him it will only lead to drama with your ex and unneeded problems.

    • You think my ex could get mad?

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    • Passed out exes*

    • Passed our exes* lol

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  • check out this topic on Smartican, "Ask the Relationship Expert", this might help you. They give great relationship advice. Try it out!

  • This is a classic teenage drama. Dump him, don't look back and continue dating

    • He dumped me. I'm just wondering why his friend is talking to me

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