Why would my mum say this?

Why would my mum be so sure my ex and I would get back together after her exams?

My Ex is extremely preoccupied by them, she had a massive break down a few days ago.

My my mum said she's ready to put £2000 on the line.


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  • 1 of 2 reasons:

    1) she is right and knows that once your ex has stopped being so preoccupied it will give her a chance to miss you more...

    2) she is trying to save your feelings and hopes that by the time the exams are over you will be in a much better place and not care about it anyway...

    • Yeah you're right. My mum told me she was sure before dinner, and then when I was in my room she came in and told me she was certain. I'll have to wait.

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    • Well my ex had a colossal meltdown a few days ago. She was screaming, crying and throwing things around. She's in her final year of her maths degree. A Levels are nothing in comparison.

      I was going to send her a caring text after her exams yeah, I might send her something nice to congratulate her though.

    • Send her some flowers or something which will really make her smile like a balloon in a box... a text makes a woman wonder what is behind it, is there a hidden meaning etc... make your intentions clear you are still there for her :)

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  • Legends say mothers were once women

    • What?

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    • Do what your heart says

      Jk text her and play with her fragile heart until she wants you and make it her idea to get back together eventhough its your idea all along muahahahahah

    • What do you suggest I do?

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