Long story but please opinion ! Why does he act this way? Can I still get him back?:( I regret what I said and he knows that?

so me and my boyfriend broke up 1,5 month ago. I broke up with him after a fight. After a week we broke up he met someone on holiday (they got into a longdistance relationship). He blocked me everywhere and when I was hanging out with a boy he told him bad things about me. I started to see him near my house, on my way to school etc. He started to message me after 3 weeks that he was sorry. Later he wanted to be friends and I was okay with that. After a few days he told.me.he couldnt be friends because he couldnt pretend he wasn't in love with me. He told me secrets again about family and his struggles and told me he was going to break up with his gf because he used her to get over me, he was supossed to go see her but when he saw me he canceled. He broke up with her and we started hanging out, we acted like we were in a relationship. Because of our history we couldnt tell our parents or anyone else because they didn't agree with this. He did let me come over to his house when his mom was home even though he knew she didn't like it. So we also had sex again, kissed and shit. He told me he was serious and that he wouldn't make things difficult (bc parents) for nothing. After a few fights he made about nothing I told him I didn't want this anymore and now he is done because I always end up leaving and he is sick of it. (a week ago) Last weekend I went out and he was there too. My friend felt sick and wanted water so I asked his group for a glass, (nobody else had a glass). He started to shout: NO and didn't stop. when I explained the situation he started fake laughing and making fun of it. I walked away. When I went to the toilet his group was screaming HEUEHEUEEE and my name.. when I walked down the stairs he was in front of me, looked at me and then hugged a girl from behind. When I went upstairs again he sat there with a few girls and when I walked by he did HUEE and they started laughing. Before this evening he blocked me on fb but when I got home I saw he unblocked me.


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  • My best advice is to walk away from him. It sounds like this guy is just using you. I know how hurt you must be, but I think you are worth more than that. I hope you didn't have sex with him just to try and keep him. That never works.

    • In fact you deserve better friends than any of these people. It's hard to find a decent guy, just as hard as it is for men to find a decent girl. Whoever you find, please don't give yourself to them until you can trust them 100%. And that takes time, it won't happen overnight.
      A tip that quite often works is never to part or go to bed (on your own) without trying to make up. Even if you are in the wrong, saying sorry can sometimes steer a breaking relationship back on course.
      Stay safe and take care.

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  • He's so not worth it, he's not sure of what he wants and is acting immature, just move on.

    • is there any chance I can get him back? so I tried to get over it and I was a little stupid by messaging and stalking hin with my old phone number because mine is blocked on whatsapp. So I told him it was me and asked him to also block me on that number. He said "I thought you were over it?" then I said "I am but your pressence annoys me" So he told me I am weird and blocked the number. But then he unblocked my real number.. :S

    • He is not worth like dont even bother trying to get him back!!! Ignore him, dont block him and dont make him block u he needs to see u have move on and u r doing great without him!

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