Girls, so me and my ex of four years just recently started speaking to each other after no contact for a few months she has a bf?

now. We chat on social media (IG) i write how's her day she replies we go back and forth. She asked me what I want from her and also why I'm being so nice to recently I guess her new bf checked her phone and wrote don't talk to my girl anymore and all that tough talk blah blah..I hate problems so I stop contacting her..if she didn't want to talk to me she wouldn't have replied right? I don't know what's your take on it girls
Also I don't want her back was just interested in being friends


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  • Just because she responded doesent necessarily mean she wants to talk to you, or have a friendship. She could have been just trying to see where she stood in the situation. There's times when I want answers but nothing more.

    If I were you, this sounds like a bunch of drama and unnecessary bs. You guys are exes for a reason, whatever that might be. if she's really that good of a friend then wait it out. But my advice would be to ditch the situation there's plenty of other women to be friends with out there

    • Yeah you right.. I saw her because we work together unfortunately and she was like "you got me in trouble" then when she was across from me I wasn't talking and she said "now you not gonna talk to me"

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