So my ex and I had a mutual break up and then he blocked me on Facebook later he decided to unblock me .Why is he doing this?

So my ex and I had a mutual break up and then he blocked me on Facebook and then 2 days later he decided to unblock me on another social network he had me blocked on why? I'm confused does he want me to miss him and give in and talk to him or is he just being nosy ? Missing me or thinking about me ? He hasn't contacted me but I won't unless he does


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  • Just because you ended things mutually doesn't mean y'all are friends. He's trying to move on and so should you.

    • You make no sense

    • Please explain exactly which part of my answer does not make sense to you.

    • How is he trying to move on unblocking me?

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  • Well, it was a break up after all and you can't just turn feelings off just like that. He could be experiencing a whole range of different emotions at the moment (in fact, he will be) anything from anger, sadness, guilt, rejection, numbness... pretty much all of these. He will likely be missing you/thinking about you, it's so hard to shun someone from your mind like that. He could also be a little nosey, or not quite ready to fully let go of you yet.

    Only reason I'm saying these things is because I went through a bad break up a few months ago. Only difference was, I was the one doing the un friending and blocking. My ex was just rubbish at dealing with his emotions. Either way, after having experienced all of his anger and hurt, we seem to miraculously be on the mend now :S


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