Why would my ex-boyfriend want this?

So we dated and I thought he loved me as much as I loved him. I worshipped the ground he walked on, but as I always say: one will always love and the other just doesn't care. We broke up due to me not hearing from him for a while week, he always played mind games with me, and him basically being upset because I asked him to do something that he didn't want to do; however, he had no problem crawling into bed with me and having sex. He stated that he liked me a lot, but love was too extreme to say, which really broke my heart, and then stated that at one point he did love me.

Anyways, he wants to be "friends" and just bowl together. Why would he want to be "friends" when he stated he never liked hanging out with me anyways?


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  • So he can keep you around and control you. Toying with your mind and emotions whenever he feels like it. If you allow him in your life on any level you are just going to suffer and suffer.
    He wants the power trip and the drama. Cut the cords and do not keep him in your life at all. He will never love you nor respect you. Do not even wonder what he wants, unless you want to be unhappy your whole life.

    • I thank you.
      I have been putting a lot of thought into it. Just recently I found out that he has ADD really badly and he's on medication; however, he hasn't been on it for three weeks, so I don't know if that would contribute to anything.

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  • I would have broke up with you just off the s. it you said in this question

    • How so? Because I'm speaking my mind of how I was treated?

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    • Sure caused I passed English 2 with an A so I must have never took 1 or prep must be

    • I can tell it was pretty accurate.
      I scored high on the placement tastings, so I was excempted from taking an English course. Then again I took a college writing course my senior year of high school so that helped a lot.

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