Is it a good idea?

is it a good idea to apologize to ur ex? And just be the bigger person even though they were in the wrong? Really debating on whether i should do this or not.


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  • When you are argue or fight... no one is ever entirely wrong and no one is ever entirely right.

    If you always think the other person is wrong, then there is something wrong with you.

    I would not just apologize... I would start the conversation by asking can we reach a happy medium and put this behind us.

    • Well yea I meant that. I did some things and he did some things so it was 50/50. I always blame everything on myself and he thinks he's always right which is why I just wanna be the bigger person but I haven't talked to him in a week bc he doesn't wanna see me or talk to me anymore but I can't help but just not talk to him bc I don't want things to go bad or worse between us you know. I would like to have him in my life.

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    • Thanks by the way.

    • No problem... good luck either way.

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  • Yes if you're ready to put it all behind you and move on

    • well I don't know if i should also because 1 i really wouldn't know what to say. 2 he may respond in idgaf and 3 he probably hates me 4 its only been a week since we last talked and I don't know if i should give it a little more time or what

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