Who do I believe?

Recently my ex and I started talking again. We've agreed that we're going to take some time before we get back together, but that we do want to eventually. We've been talking as more than friends and we've even talked about going out as a couple basically. He's said he doesn't care if people from our school see us out in public together holding hands or acting like a couple. Also, he's told me that he's chosen not to be shared (I'm the only one he wants). He's even gotten worried about why I want to do things with him; he freaked out the other day because he was scared that the only reason I want to have sex with him is to keep him from leaving, and he wanted to make sure that what we do is out of love. We don't talk much in school anymore because I get nervous and I don't want people to start talking. But sometimes I catch him staring, and my friends will catch him glancing at me from his locker. Also, he has a folder of me on his phone of pictures he's saved of me over time...he has about 40 now, most of them just being selfies of me.
The problem is, today I asked his friend if my ex likes anyone, and he said that he likes my ex best friend and that they're talking. I was so upset. I understand that we aren't together and he can ultimately do what he wants, and it doesn't mean that he doesn't still love me, but it hurt. I sat with my friend Leah, who's a really close friend of his, in the bathroom for about an hour just talking about it and crying every now and then. She said she KNOWS that he still really loves me, but she didn't know why or if it was true (him talking to my ex best friend). Next period, he asked her why she wasn't in class and she told him that she was with me in the bathroom because I was really upset and I was crying, and I guess he asked her why I was upset, because she told him that I know he likes someone else. By the way she told me he responded it sounded like he freaked out. He told her he's not talking to anyone else.
Then I passed him on my way to lunch and he was staring at me. At first I thought it might've just been a glance, so I looked away, but when I looked back he was still staring. I don't know if it was because of what Leah told him, or if he felt bad, or what. I didn't get a chance to talk to him later either but when he was walking to the locker room after school, and my ex friend was walking in they weren't walking together.
I know I should talk to him about this, and I will..
OH! Also, Leah is really good at telling when he is lying and she said it sounded like he was telling the truth completely. I know that if there was any doubt in her mind about what he said she would tell me. If she was suspicious at all, she'd definitely let me know. She still thinks I should talk to him but she trusts that he's not talking to her. Should I believe her?


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  • First, Thank God Im not in High School anymore. Secondly your upset cause your ex likes someone else and your seeing someone else whos clearly commited to you? You ask your exes friend, of course they are going to tell you the worst thing you could hear true or not. Your the ex, and this is High School drama and games.

    You've got a guy who's interested in you and likes you now and you shouldn't be concerned with what your ex is doing. Your ashamed to be seen with this new guy in hopes that your ex will come back to you, that's dirty. If your hung up on your ex that much you have no business dragging another guy into the picture and messing with his head. Take some time to be alone and get over it.

    • This "new guy" is my ex 😁 haha, but the part about his friend telling me the worst thing is helpful. I mean, I'm friends with his friend, but it makes sense. Thanks!

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  • He seems legit. I don't think he likes anyone else besides you. Don't stress out too much about this because I can tell he's into you and only you.

    • How can you tell from only this information? I'm not doubting you or anything, it's just... is it that clear that he cares about me from just this much info?

    • Yeah. He wouldn't be talking to you again unless he really saw some potential in you guys getting back together

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