Is this normal if your EX hates you and you feel indifferent about her?

Ex-gf broke up with me. Two months later she offered to be friends. I rejected her.
Now she hates me while I feel indifferent about her.

Is this normal? Who do you think is actually better off from that break up?


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  • Yes it's normal. You didn't like to hurt her because you still care for her.
    Just forget her now or move on. She's broken now and won't listen anything. So if you guys would stay apart then you both could live happily.
    Good luck :)

    • No I don't care about her anymore. Its just funny to me to see how she acts around me since I don't care.

    • Great, now just stop thinking about her.

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  • She still has feelings for you and hates that you don't.


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