Is it wrong of me to now think this?

My ex and I broke up roughly 5 months ago and during those 5 months we did not speak. The Sunday before last I sent him an apology message in which he replied that we can't be friends because he still had feelings for me. Something's changed and we ended up talking again. This last weekend I went and saw him. I really want to get back together with him and unfortunately as we were talking the prior week before I went and saw him I had the full expectation of getting back together and was pretty bummed that it didn't happen. I am planning to go see him this week for a few days where I have to drive nearly 4 hours to do so. I kind of feel bad because now I don't want to make that drive unless I know that we are going to work things out because I don't want my time to be wasted. Is it wrong of me to have this mind set? I'm not a patient person whatsoever and I don't want to lose him to someone else but I don't want to keep making these long drives if nothing will come out of it... Help?


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  • Ok πŸ‘Œ your thoughts are good cause time is money n we should not waste it😊 that's my thought 😊 but be sure next time before driving for 4 hours 😢? N if he would have feelings for you he won't trouble you like that πŸ‘


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