How do I know of my ex is thinking of me?

How would I know of she's thinking about me?

Do you think she is?


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  • She's probably wondering the same thing.
    She'll call you occasionally and say "I was just thinking about you "... Hey, how's are you?

    • You think?

      I haven't texted/called/anything since the break up 3 days ago. I unfriended her on Facebook, because I thought being able to see her status updates would be too hard. She hasn't deleted pictures of us yet.

      My mum said she'll out £50 on my ex coming back :/ lol

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    • I'm following the No Contact rule, so she might want me to, but I think it's best if I dont.

    • Yes, I'm sure she wishing you text first. But if you want to give it a few more days to make sure I'd say by the weekend call her for sure. You don't want to wait to long...

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  • As I judgr from other opinions and their comment I must say to keep the no contact rule for a while longer. Take some time for yourself to forget and let her miss you... if she does


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  • If you miss her and is not over her, what's stopping you from reaching out? Probably she thinks you are over her from the no contact

  • Just keep it cool. Stop the txting and calling it's hard but stop. My ex came back to me when I stopped being dramatic xxxx

    • I haven't sent a text to my ex, called her or emailed her since break up 4 days ago.

  • it depends on the reason you both broke up.

    • Her work basically.

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    • She broke up with me though.

    • ok here is my suggestion, u can try ur best to stay her, take a time,2 or 3 months, after that if she insist to break up, then u should give up. start the life without her

  • Depends how you broke up. But she probably is.


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  • Do you want her back?

    If the answer is "yes" then stop thinking and obsessing about her all of the time.
    That shit is a biggest turn off to them.

    • I can think about her all I want though, she won't know lol

      I cut contact the day of our break up.

      I haven't sent a text, I haven't sent a letter, I haven't called her or anything... I effectively just disappeared. I've done everything I should be doing so far.

      It's early days right now, so I'm not expecting her to contact me any time soon... But it's nice to know she might be thinking about me.

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    • Yeah , the ball is in her court now.
      Just wait it out for minimum 60 days and within this time limit if she wouldn't initiate any contact then just send a random good qoute or a pic to her and see how she'd react.
      If she seems friendly then increase your convo with her gradually and from then you can take it further.
      But till then , don't do anything that'd make you look desperate to her.

      by the way did you downvote me?
      just asking

    • Nope I didn't.

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