Guys, how would you feel if your ex contacted you?

my ex and i broke up well over a yr ago, he's tried to add me on FB a few times but i declined, simply because i didn't think I could be friends with him. But now I feel ready to talk to him/be friends. Do you think I should contact him?


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  • I think one of the main negative result of making your ex a friend again is your new bf/gf.

    If you become good friends again, you would obviously have to tell your new bf that he is your ex.

    This would probably not sit to well with most guys as they would always be constantly worried that you may potentially leave and want to get back together with him again. That they are just a stepping stone to take back the ex.

    It is just an undue strain that your new relationship does not need.

    If you don't have a bf now... that may become and issue someday when you do get one... by then you and your ex may be very chummy, and if your new beau does not like the situation, then you may have to consider dumping your ex... yet again!

    It is no big deal if you are just being friendly with your ex if you happen to bump into them... but putting them in the friend circle again does more harm than good.


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  • If the feeling is mutual then go ahead. If you have a new bf though, you should tell him about it too. Not ask for permission though, just make sure you know how he feels about it.

    Answering your first question, if my ex contact me now i'd ignore her. It's my least hateful response right now. Heheh.

  • I wouldn't care, I'm down to chat if they are.

    You could if you want, not really my place to tell you whether you should or shouldn't. I don't the backstory, so it's up to you.

  • I get angry when my ex writes me
    She brings back painful moments that i try to forget


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