Guys, soon after a break up, how often do you think about your ex girlfriend?

Say you broke up like a month ago after a long term, serious, loving relationship and it was a fairly decent break up over nothing serious like cheating, how often would you think about your ex? Does this change depending on if you left her or not? When would you stop thinking about her? What sorts of things would you think about?
  • I would think about her every day/ when I'm not busy
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  • I would think about her about once a week
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  • I would barely think about her
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  • I would never think about her / I move on fast
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Thinking about your ex, romantically, not sexually.
Please answer with some detail.


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  • About once a week..
    Those nights when you think with your heart and not your dick and you actually just want to cuddle but all you got is you're pillow but you're too proud for that so you say "fuck that" and sit there with your heart lusting... :(
    lol but yeah I do miss her sometimes. I broke up with her because I used to be insecure and I had little confidence in highschool. I felt she was too pretty for me so I ended it and later regretted. Now she's married and having kids and permanently off limits...
    I'd think about her waay more if I left her than her leaving me.. especially if it was a mistake like mine. There's no real timeline for how I'd think about her, I guess til the emotions die out. Meeting some one else who took my mind off her and trying real hard to forget about her can affect the time it takes.
    Man I daydream and reminisce a lot and it really fucks me over sometimes. I'd have like a montage of all our "cute" moments, her weird mannerism, the moments she pulled me out of my comfort zone that actually felt good, her smile, her laugh, and more all playing over sad music in my head. I'm not to fond of change either, so yeah :/

    • Thanks for mho :)

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    • its impossible for me :(

    • @arianna15
      With that attitude it is...
      Chin stays up so you'll always be looking down on haters

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  • Romantically? Never. I wanna move on, plus, there's no need to think about her. If I broke up with her (which has been the case in my past relationships) I definitely was losing interest, so there's nothing that makes me thing about her.

  • Even many many years later, I still think with terrible fondness and emotion of each girl I have ever been with , nearly every day of my life. And it's a long heartbreaking list.

  • I move on too fast, i would not think about her, most probably i will busy too much dating other girls.

    There is no crying over spilt milk.

  • All the time, for me personally.

    • What sort of thing did you think? Did she leave you? Did you want to contact her, if not, why didn't you?

    • It would probably about either our memories, why we split up, what made it happen and how much i probably miss her. I would probably want to contact her, but i dont know if i would. Dependant on the break up i would say

  • Like, never.

  • I tend to block out anything I find distracting, so I wouldn't think about her much.

  • I still think of my ex. She may be a b! t@h but she is very sexy and I masturbate to her.

  • It took me 6 months to get over her I though about her all the time. I even hooked up with other girls but I still thought about her and to tell you the truth I still do sometimes it's been over a year. We dated for almost 4 years.

    I move away for school :/


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