Would you choose your boyfriend you truley loved over your family?

It breaks my heart we had plans to move out and I was going to help her as be st I can but she was going to college far from where I was working.. She was willing to drop everything before. She told me I didn't care about her and treat her like shit. I'll admit I have been an asshole in the past but she has been too. She said she felt used and everyone on her side hated me. We had problems towards the end.. anyways it was crazy how much she loved me ay one point never seen so mu ch emotion in my life from one person.. she chose her family though and cut contact with me saying it was the hardest thing she's ever done and it breaks her heart but it's what's smart right now. she brought up me getting bored with her or us breaking up in the future then she won't even have her family to back her up. Never had sk much heartache in my life. This feeling is instense been two months now.
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She even called back the next day crying asking for me back I rejected her because I didn't want to go through that all over again. I ended up asking for her back after some messy miscommunication and fights.


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  • Sorry but I would choose my family over a bf since they are there for me through thick and thin. Sadly, the situation in which you place this question doesn't help your opinion of her leaving. I dont know you but it sounds like a mess. It was wrong of her to just drop you though. Sometimes it is best to move on even if it seems impossible at first. Keep your chin up tho! You'll find a girl :)

    • You say it was wrong for her to just drop me.. we had a lot a pretty big fig hr a couple. I guess it was her way just to move on. Said she can't do that unless she cuts contact

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    • She was ready to move out with me.. she seemed excited talked about it a lot.. then she backed out last monute.

    • It could be that she thought about it more and then it overwhelmed her and thus why she backed out. Moving out is a big step and she was probably weighing out everything including college. One of my friends' gf dropped out of college to move with him to wi. However he realized that it wasn't gonna work and now she is out if college and he is working 3 jobs to save enough money so they can move out. They live 3 hrs away and have had it tough too. Don't know if that helped any

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  • I would choose my family. Family comes first. Nothing is guaranteed to last and I would rather have my family supporting me and backing me up. Rather than having a bf who loves me but will eventually leave me.

  • I would choose family over my boyfriend because they are always going to be there no matter what. It does depend how long the relationship was going on though, but even still, if he walks out, my family is my rock.

    • Would you completley cut contact so you could move on?

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    • If you know she's gonna want to get back together... then I'd completely forget about her. Because always bringing someone back into the relationship is difficult all around. So be cruel if you must and walk away. That kind of relationship is not good for either person.

    • I don't know if she's going to want to get back together.. I really hope she does. why would it be hard getting back?

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