Why can't girls be honest with break ups?

why can GFs be sincere with the break ups and my lie or fabricate and excuse.

Why tell us you want to end it because of stress of work/studies, but in fact you break with us for another reason???

Why do you do this? Don't think you owe us the truth?


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  • The truth hurts, this applies to guys as well. Some girls are more upfront about the truth, others have a hard time communicating it. We don't want to hurt anyone but sometimes we end up hurting that person more by lying


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  • Girls are just a bunch of pussies that have to beat around the bush about everything, they can't confront each other about anything. That's why they constantly talk shit behind one another's backs and try to act like they don't care about superficial things like a guy's height, build, or income.


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  • The same reason guys can't

    • Us guys are actually very honest with it :)

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