Need opinion on letter to send ex girlfriend?

Background - 2 year relationship, she broke up with me, been apart for 6 months, not sure if she is dating anyone else.
This has to be one of the hardest things that I have ever had to write. I am not one to open up and let people in because I am always fearful of the hurt that comes with letting people into my life. You showed me what it meant to feel and be loved unconditionally. That is something that I never thought I would have ever found in my lifetime until, I met you. I want to say thank you for that, because you showed me that love, caring, affection for someone does still exist. Love is funny, you don’t realize how much someone truly cares for you until the goodbyes have been said and then it is too late. You were so right when you would say to me, “look at me when I talk” and I did not give you the respect that you deserve when you spoke to me. You tried to tell me what was going on. I wish I could go back in time and just look into your beautiful blue eyes and say I am sorry and correct all of the mistakes that I made. I just had too much pride to let my guard down and let you in all the way. I have learned in the last several months that I should have been more receptive to how you felt and to never ever hurt you the way I did. I have read so many books lately on how to improve myself and I learned that I needed to “man up” and be the person that you initially fell for. Instead, I became the person that people dislike the most. I became the guy that is always seeking for approval. I lost myself last year and now I have found that person that you fell for. I have changed so much in these last several months, thanks to your inspiration, that I am back to my old self. I am sorry for how much I changed. It was not me being me. I do not know who that guy was. I am running, working out, lost over 40 lbs., job is great, finances are good, and everything that I have ever dreamed about where my life should have been back then, exists now.
Cont... The only thing missing is you. You are the first person that I think of that I want to share my life with. You are my best friend. I have friends, but not that I want to tell or share every last detail of my life with. You are that person to me! My sister just told me I am going to be an uncle again and all I wanted to do was share that with you. My guy friends don’t care.
Cont... I wanted to share with you about the future that I pictured with us together and the house we would live in and us having kids together and having family over to share in all of our adventures. I became that person that needed approval to feel like things are going well. I lost my self-confidence and in the end, I lost you. All that has changed now and I have me back. The me that wants to share his life with you. I want to be able to show you how I have changed and not just tell you.


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  • Well it's a very nice letter, I'm sure she would smile, acknowledging how she inspired you. Appreciating her, ... knowing you are happy and you are exactly where you need to be, .. I don't even know you and somehow I appreciate this letter, hopefully she views it as I did and say to you thank you for saying those wonderful things. And she celebrates you. .. and forgive you too, good luck.. Nice letter


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  • Text me. I want to discuss this privately.

    • This may be a silly question... How do I text you if you are Anonymous?

    • Oh, right. Sorry :-)

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  • All I can say is I wish you the best, if it doesn’t I hope you find the strength to move on and find happiness elsewhere.

    Good luck.


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