Is it impossible to fall out of love?

So, short story. I'm 23. My first love is 42. I'm still head over heels for him- and it hurts because he wants nothing to do with me. I'm intelligent, independant, funny, and have quite a few friends. But, he would rather focus on how many women he can bag.

I first met him when I was 19- he is the only man that has made my heart race, made me have shortness of breath, and literally made my knees shake.

I know I cannot have him- but when I think of him I still feel the exact way I did so I can onyl assume it's love.

Now my question- how the hell do I fall out of it?

I was never in a relationship- he said I wasn't good enough haha


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  • Well, you always learn from failed relationships what you definitely don't want to see in a new partner. Think of those things. You are at an advantage now to avoid someone like that again! Keep busy and give it time. In time your heart will catch up with your mind.


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  • Did something bad happen between you both? he find another girl? My friend she fell out of love with her man but there was a lot of stuff between them, If U want u can message me

    • we were never in a relationship he said i was not good enough.

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    • i really have no idea... he was so nasty to me and I really didn't do anything wrong- wasn't needy or anything

    • I would just say well forget him.. I know you love him and all but its best.. Man, and sometimes older men are more mature and know how to treat a woman, Sorry to hear

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  • Yes young Lady it is indeed possable to fall out of love if one finds the relationship doesn't grow to be more or if it doesn't nourish the heart and soul. If one person stop doing or acting the way that drew the other person to love them to begin with.

  • i actually have a similar problem... i´m kind of helpless too but people tell me to focus on myself and/or other people so i guess that´s all i can say to you.


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  • You never get over your first love. But eventually you will stop thinking about him everyday, you will forget the color of his eyes, you will stop wishing you had him. But even then, you will always look back and think about him and you may get a little upset, but you will be alright.
    The best thing to do is find someone else, even if you aren't as in love with them as you were with him, usually new relationships distract you from old ones.


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