I hate him. look what he's doing ughh?

soo . we were together for 1 year, n he cheated n lied.. now there is this new gurl in his life.. well exactly a week ago they started dating and he acting all loyal n shit , she inboxed me . asking me if he's alive ? do u think the 2 are tryna get jealous ? i know she can't love him like i did..


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  • What is the question here? Try using a complete sentence.

    • i wanna know if the 2 are tryna get me jelly. they have been together for a week nw.. and he keeps showing her off n acting loyal. he did tht to me.. but eventually it died down. and he cheated

    • ROFL how does one act loyal?

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  • she asked if he is alive? maybe she doesn't know where he is and doesn't trust him and assumes you talk to him and might know where he is?


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  • Why Did she ask you was he alive?

    • I don't know.. mayb to show up her self -_-

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