How do I over this feeling of betrayal?

My ex was my second bf (I'm 23). I have trust issues and he was the first guy who made me feel like I could open my heart up to him. He told me a month into our relationship that he was still talking to a girl he had a week long fling with before we met. She cheated on her bf with him! He didn't know she had a gf and was very hurt but he still remained friends with her and said they talked weekly. I felt uncomfortable with the whole situation and we had many fights over it. He first told me that he only had platonic feelings but then admitted that he only started being friends with her hoping that maybe she'll leave her bf for him (this was before we got together). He reassured me that she means nothing to him and that he doesn't see her as a friend but more as an acquaintance. He only deleted her from fb to stop us from fighting but I knew he didn't want to.

My heart felt like he truly loved me. We talked about our future together but in the end the fighting took a toll and I broke it off with him. It was painful for me and I removed him as a friend on fb to make it easier to get over him and he blocked me soon after. He never spoke with me since I broke it off. We live in diff cities.. my friend now tells me he is friends with that girl on fb again.

If he really cared about me as much as I thought then why did he block me and re-add her? It's been months since we broke it off and I think he's got a new gf now. I feel betrayed in a way that he readded that girl again. I know it's over and I've been keeping myself busy. I'm over him as a bf and I'm not sad that he has a new gf. I'm just sad that he betrayed my trust in this odd way if anyone can understand.


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  • Who cares what he did? You want someone that's completely into just you anyway!

    At least now you know what not to look for in a guy! One mention of another girl and your outta there.

    Don't worry, you won't be hurt for long and there are people who will value you more.


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  • ... My friend now tells me he is friends with that girl on fb again...
    It's apparent, doesn't have to be etched in stone here, dear, that he never got over Her and didn't care enough about her to put her aside, knowing That-----I felt uncomfortable with the whole situation...
    I also feel that if he 'Truly love dme,' he would have respected your wishes, not allowed her to throw amonkey wrench into your newbie relationship and that no one, not even a ghost of yeaterday, woul dhave been able to come between you.
    Move on. Lick your war wounds and learn a little lesson in love that Not all guys make a skeleton in the closet come out to rattle your chains and if they really care, they make them remains... into dust and ashes they go.
    I do 'Understand..'you were cheated and he wasn't over her. And by the sounds of the writing on the wall and all, h eis in this full circle with another Newbie... Has readded that girl again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • well, when there are two people and you are only allowed to be friends with one, and then one of them refuses to be friends with you, what do you think is going to happen?

    plus, when you break up with someone over your suspicions of sincerity, you are telling them that YOU are the problem. So, he revisited his previous judgement on the other girl with that in mind.

  • You were a rebound. Someone to make her jealous and get back with him.
    You need to stop dating assholes and think you can change them!!
    Get with a real man that will treat you right!!

  • he probably got tired of your shit


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