In how long do you think my ex will contact me?

We broke up 4 days ago, so I doubt it'll be any time soon tbh, but I've gone No Contact with her because apparently it'll make her miss me (?).

Anyway, she was obviously very hurt when she ended it. Crying uncontrollably, anger, shaking ... I didn't cry but I was hurt.

Anyway, I wanted to have something to look forward to I suppose .... I know you can't predict the future, but I'm asking you to guess.


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  • Never. Do you miss her?


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  • Hopefully for your sake and hers she doesn't contact you ever again. If she was that broken up she needs to heal and the best way would be not to contact you. You shouldn't dwell on this either move on.

    • What's up with the first line? Did you need to be passive aggressive?

    • I don't believe in exes being friends or the belief that you can break and go back to being together again. I think it's best to go separate ways after. Its just my opinion. I think it works out best that way. Sure it may hurt more but after you get over it your stronger and better off.

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  • Who did the breaking up?

    • She did.

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    • Was it a nasty breakup or a clean one? That also matters, cause if it was something you did it will take her longer to respond (like cheating). But if it was just a natural, clean breakup it shouldn't be too long.

    • I didn't cheat on her. I suppose it was quite a clean break up bar her crying and all. She said she thought breaking up was the best thing to do.

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