If my guy wants to break up so he can get his self together should I wait?

Me and my boyfriend broke up, its been a year. He told me he wanted to get himself together, save money etc... We at least text each other often and see each other but barely and yes we still have sex. I tired to talk to other people but ended it before anything even could start because I still feel like I'm cheating. I am trying to be understanding and be patient and just enjoy the time we do spend together but I'm not happy with the situation and I am often frustrated, and feel lonely. It seems like the little time he does have he wants to sleep (he works real late at night) or is with family or friends. Should I wait for him to get himself together or leave him alone all together? I don't want to come off selfish or like a bitch. I love him and want to be with him but I want more.


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  • Move on, you have to look after yourself first.
    Find someone that meets your needs, don't change your needs to suit someone who is unsure of what they want, and might always be that way.
    Give him the gift of missing you, nothing gains someone's attention better than removing yourself from their life


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with two Ex who still Mark an X in one another's hearts, there is usually motive in mind, when perhaps One of them has set ideas in their own Mind when the Other finally Says-----I'm not happy with the situation and I am often frustrated...
    It's quite crystal clear here, dear, that when you both split up, your soul mate became your play mate and now it seems he has his cake and it too. With this, I mean he can come and go as he wants, spend as much time with family and friends without your permission, and in the meantime, with all those lame duck excuses of 'Wanted to get himself together...'he is taking his time and doing this in baby steps, expecting you to wait while he endures his own hopes and dreams, which I call... Not being hooked at the hip but being this free bird.
    Sit him down and have a serious talk with him. Tell him something has got to give, this isn't going to fly with you. He has to either poop or get off the problem pot or you will Not be around much longer for the Friends with benefits factor, that you too have a life to lead of your own. You are not being 'Selfish,' in fact, he is the one who this is revolving all of this around, leaving you out in the cold to get... old.
    You snooze, you loose, and this is what will happen if he goes to sleep sometime and... over sleeps.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Time to move on. Its been a year. How long does he expect you to wait? You need to think of yourself too.


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  • No I wouldn't not wait for a guy to "find him self" you'll just look pathetic cause he's probably and will be talking to other girls and you're here waiting for something to happen and assuming you're still going to be in his mind..

    Just move on girl


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