Girls, has an ex ever cut all contact with you?

Say you broke up with him and then he just vanished, disappeared off the radar.

1) How would you feel?

2) Would you want to be in contact with him?

answer both questions please... And please be elaborate.


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  • No but I've done it to someone

    Cut all contact but first I let him know why
    Disappeared "literally" didn't announce I would be leaving to anyone not even my friends or family

    It felt liberating at first, it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders

    I really needed it at the time, my life was a train wreck
    I felt like it would help both of us move on and in time we'd just get over everything

    Well sometime this week, it'll make 11 months and there seriously hasn't been a day I haven't thought about him
    89.9999% + he still feels the same

    Distance has strange effects

    Currently playing out the worse case scenarios if I break contact..

    Time is ticking

    • Time and space makes the heart grow fonder.

      It seems like you guys are on the same page! Have you guys been in contact lately? Face-to-face?

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    • True, we shall see I guess

      I'm more concerned about inviting him out/ getting him alone without the whole world coming to spy on us
      Privacy is definitely not a thing to him

    • I mean you can meet face to face whilst other people are around. You just need to show him you're indifferent.

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  • To be honest, at first I was a bit surprised/disappointed that that my last bf never came back after we broke up.. in other breakups I've had it's always taken at least a few days/weeks for both sides to completely cut off contact. But he just vanished into thin air and I never heard a word from him again. But looking back I think it was for the best, cutting off all contact really helps you get over an ex

    • Some men cut off contact because they want to get back with their Gf. It's called No Contact.

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    • Do u really believe that te no contact? My ex finished with me but says don't text because ur pushin me further away what does it mean?

    • Do you mean if No Contact helps get your ex back? I would say yes BUT it also helps you get over them too.

      Cutting contact with him now will make him wonder "what happened to her?" Which causes intrigue and curiosity. Something that he never imagined to feel after the break up. He thought he would be feeling like shit and listening to you beg and plead, but in fact it's turned on him!

      There's a lot to no contact though, you might be interested.

  • 1) If I broke up with him I'd totally understand being ghosted, it still stings though.

    2) Yes I would. But only under his conditions. I wouldn't want our communication to affect his healing process.

    What about you?

    • I usually just cut contact until I've recovered. I wouldn't initiate contact, but if an ex contacted me months after the break I'd be fine with it.

      Funny how you're one of the only girls here who has admitted breaking up with someone "stings" or hurts.

      It's pretty hilarious how most here have gone "oh yeah I wouldn't feel anything after the break up" or "my ex cutting contact means nothing to me or doesn't bother me". They're all lying to themselves.

      No matter if you're the dumper or the dumpee, a break up hurts because you're removing something of importance from your life.

  • Most ex's do this... it's just not the same being friends as you were before, everything changed... you can't ever stay friends or stay in contact without still having feelngs for them, plus the conversations will be terrible afterwards... you click in a romantic way not in a friendly way so you can never really have good conversations like friends would after, just now it is. It causes complications for future bfs/gfs too.

  • 1) Relieved. If I broke up with him it means I dont want to deal with him anymore.

    2) If he was a disrespectful asshole, no I dont wanna keep in touch. If it was other reasons for the breakup and he wants to keep in touch every now & then, fine. so long as he knows keeping in touch doesn't mean reuniting.

    • We all know 1) is a lie. You're not over him, you miss him, you still like him and you still think about him - at least in the first few days/weeks. Unless he did something to really fuck you over, there's not way you can walk away and be over with it.

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    • Aaaaaah I see yes, your situation is definitely a lot more different. Sounds like you did dodge a bullet.

    • Yep, but if its a different scenario.. I'd feel turned off that he didn't wanna at least be cordial.

  • Yes, this has happened to me.
    1.) I was scared because at first I seriously thought he was kidnapped or something cause nobody, not even his family knew where he was.
    2.) he came home 2 weeks later and I was super pissed off but I was relieved at the same time

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