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This is one for the girls I was curious about, I have done this myself... Have you ever brushed some one off in a short term relationship when you were unsure, than a month or two later thought to yourself , hmmm I think I got it wrong, and shouldn't of brushed them off.. But because you brushed them off, your too nervous to get back in contact with them because you think they won't give you any time after what happened? I did that a couple times when I was a teenager and I always felt bad/shame about what I did


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  • I've done it once and boy did I ever feel like an asshat crawling back. I felt like I toyed with the dudes emotions, but in reality I just didn't have it all figured out yet, that and I'm indecisive.

    • Yeah, how embarrassing when you try to re-connect... Talk about swallowing your pride hey

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