Guys, Taking a break? Really?

Hi Guys , After our two year anniversary , my boyfriend broke up with me 4 days later saying that he wanted to take a break because he claimed we hadn't been getting along , saying how can we find love with each other if we got together at such a young age , and that he just wanted a open relationship and space but he also threw in the fact, that it would not be a "real" break up. After the break up I blocked him on all social media as well as his text messages and calls. Although he has text me a few times , wanting to talk , I've still decided to ignore him. My question is , what does a break actually mean? Is being silent the best thing that I can do right now? Or does it even really matter at this point? Thanks in advance : )
This Is Kinda A Part 2 To My First Question , Which Is , Do You Guys Think That The No Contact Rule Is The Best Thing I Can Do During This Break Up Period? I Honestly Have No Idea What To Do , Except Knowing That Im Not Gonna Reach Out First Because I WAS the one who was dumped. Do You Think Im Wasting My Time?


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  • Wow. That sucks. He has simply decided that he wants to start sleeping with other girls.

    The best thing for you to do, even if it is hard, is to cut this guy out of your life and move on. Because what he will do is start crawling back to you when he is feeling lonely, or if he strikes out with a bunch of girls and starts feeling like he wants to get physical. But since he has made this break, he is basically showing his true colours and making it really clear he isn't in this for the long haul. So any time you take him back, it will be temporary, for him to 'rebuild his strength' so to speak and then venture off again.

    If you are not interested in open relationships, make the break permanent, stay silent to him, take some time to grieve the loss of the relationship, and then start getting on with your life and look for someone who wants to be with you.

  • I was gonna say exactly what bearsanwser said he just wants too fool around with other girls


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