It's hard not to compare guys to the guy I liked.. how to accept the new guys that come into my life for who they are and not compare to him?

I keep comparing most guys I meet to him, like if there would make me laugh the same way... Get a joke like getting does... or tell a witty joke like him... Get my mind and emotions charged like he do, I go from 0 to 60 when he's around. I just find it hard to get into some guys like how easy it fell for him, he always taught me new things had a with about him,... he was so masculine to me.. Not an ass hole but a strong man in my eyes in all aspects... I have met some decent looking men, but I always look for that "thang"... that I can't describe it.. I just know I had it with him.. :'(... I don't know,.. I'm trying to move on so he can happier. Cause I'm not happy without him, it's just things are so complicated we can't be in each other lives the way I hoped.. So I'm kind of forced to move on... But I haven't felt that "thang" with the others that makes me even be bothered with a second call after the first date.. I need a way to not compare.. What am I holding on to. And why?
How can I stop? It's been year's now, why isn't it registering he'll never love me or need me the way I wished? Help me


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  • I have the same exact problem I am with someone now but I still have feelings for my ex. It sucks and wrong to compare and want to get that same feeling with someone who is now your pass.. But you shouldn't compare I know its hard but having a check list at all times on what your need and wants and appearance check will not make you any happier or find anyone that's compatible for you.


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  • no guy is the same, i wouldn't want the same things about a different guy, yeah you shouldn't compare because its not good


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