Why do men want to remain friends even after a bad break up?

Hi, I was introduced 2 a guy through a common friend. he was from a small town but highly educated n well behaved. we hit off like house on fire. we were happy together. but I would still say I cared for him more n even helped him financially, which he acknowledged. his chances of getting job in bangalore seemed bleak, d same place I alao live, so he went back ro his home town to join his dad's business.

after that his behaviour changed. he would say he doesn't feel romantically for me. though he still would share everything about him with me. he would come to bangalore and hold my hands, kiss me n go vack home n again behave strangely. one day he tells me his parents r looking for a match for him. n one day he says he's engaged. it's true that it was an arranged set up. I finally stopped talking to him after a bad fight. wiithin a month of our break up he's supposed to get married. within a month his marriage was fixed which is d truth as it is common in india n our common friend knows everything. now 4 days left for his weddin n he's sensing me this msg:
'As a friend I want u to come for my wedding. I want to b your friend always, as we shared a lot wid each other. its ok if u can't come. hv a great life.'

I feel it's a saddistic thing to do and now my mind is going crazy, though I haven't replied. please help.


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  • It is very malicious. Do not be surprised when he is married that he sends you more messages. Run. Marriage, even arranged is still marriage. He has no right to ask that of you. He is gauging if you will attend the marriage to see if he can still play around.

    • your right. absolutely right. if he really wanted to be with me, he would have. a person who couldn't stand up against his parents can never even stand up for me. n by play around what would u mean? sorry I am not able to. understand. he will b busyin his wedding. I just feel he's a saddist by askung him to attend his wedding. Thanks for your advice friend.

    • I mean that after he is married he will try to use you. Very much in the same way he is manipulating you now. You are worth more than this. The next time a man asks you to a wedding it should be your own... to him... nothing more nothing less. Honour.

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  • It's a selfish, self-centered, inconsiderate request usually done when dumpers want to relieve themselves of guilt by being able to have the peace of knowing that you're just a call or text away. Not cool
    Don't go to that wedding. He ended things so that doesn't mean he gets to demote you yet benefit from your presence. Walk away with your dignity.


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  • some times guys nessds good caring friends whom we can share allmost anything its difficult to boys to get such frnds in boys

    wish u and him all te best

  • It's fun for everyone?


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