How to not be attracted to a coworker?

he's married and i have a boyfriend of 5 years but i'm so attracted to this guy randomly. i don't want to keep being attracted to him. how can i stop? its hard to avoid him by the way... he's my supervisor and around me every day...


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  • You can't stop and attraction, you just have to deal with it. When you're with a guy or girl (if you're a guy), it doesn't mean that you should suddenly not find anyone attractive anymore. The goal is to stay loyal to the one you're currently with, and you're the only one that knows the answer to it.


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  • Bear in mind here, dear, be strong as well, that he Is Not only 'Married' But------He's my supervisor.
    Although you are finding yourself 'Hard to avoid him,' one thing I am sure you are also having trouble forgetting is that you have a 'Boyfriend of 5 years' and hopefully still counting and that with your mad crush that is like this 'Sweat shop,' probably even after the doors close at 5, there may be trouble in paradise in your own relationship, where your wandering eyes and thoughts are... brought to the job with you.
    If you are in this rut with your relationship or there is War of the Roses, it's time to do some soul searching about even staying in this romance. With This perhaps, instead of working over time on 'This guy randomly,' might take your mind off things a bit and maybe find someone else who is more suitable for you... on both sides of the coin.
    Good luck. xx


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  • accept the facts and respect him as well as yourself!

    • The thing is, he acts sort of flirty with me.. so it makes it harder.. like today he winked at me and such. he's always smiling and looking my way. always trying to talk to me alone in private about whatever it is.

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    • Not much older, i'm 24 and he's 30.

    • like one user said, u can't stop attraction or feelings. Your also more attracted knowing you can't have it, woman thing as usual lol. Be in control of what you have and appreciate it. Your both adults and have to come in terms with the facts! Most men are flirty, something in our nature ;-)

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