Why is it that when a break up happens and the guy initiates it they are likely to come back?

Not trying to be sexist, but i've just noticed a pattern with myself as well as other girlfriends of mine. It seems that the guy will break up, the female will beg, plead, etc and the guy will ignore her. After some time the girl stops and tries to move on with her life and that's when the guy will come back and start initiating contact. I am not saying in any way this happens 100% of the time, but I have noticed a pattern. I've had an ex boyfriend break up with me and date another woman and then a few months later wants to get in contact, but by that point I have moved on. What gives?

Also during the initial break up the man can be so sure of it saying he wants to move on, but as time passes he will attempt to be friends.

My current ex broke up with me about 3 months ago, and about 6 wks he pitched the idea of being friends. Our relationship had been very turbulent.


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  • I haven't noticed that truly. I think it depends on the relationship. I would think that if the girl broke up with the guy and then she wants to get back together, the guy is more likely to try and make it work than what you're saying. Hmm.


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