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My gf used to hit me playfully a lot, which I was okay with. But we got in an argument because she needed money for somethign and I didn't wanna give it to her. Anyway, she punched me twice in the face, then I slapped her. (with the palm) Now she has a tiny and fading bruise and I have a black eye, and she's playing and acting like some abuse victom? I know I didn't do anything wrong, but should I apologies and break up with her?


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  • That's not okay, you don't punch people in the face for money unless you're a drug dealer or a pimp lol. It really doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. Talk to her about her violence, apologize for hitting her I guess, but emphasize the fact that she should not have hit you first and just because she's a girl does not give her the right to do so. My guess is that she grew up in an environment where this was okay, and unless you want to go through some Dr. Phil shit with her, I'd say that you should just move on. It's one thing to play fight and wrestle with your SO for fun, and then actually hit someone out of anger is an entirely different thing. That's a terrible reason too. Maybe if you had cheated on her, I'd be like "okay, I could see how someone could be that angry as to hit somebody," but you not giving her money? That's just immature and thoroughly fucked up.

    • My thoughts exactly. I had one gf before her and she was about 11 years older than me so she was very mature, and I guess I was expecting a girl my same age to be the same. tbh I was hoping for more male opinions, but you have a good point.

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  • Apologize for what! Do nothing that was normal reaction

    • Indeed it was, but I'm much bigger than her and could have stopped her without hurting her.

    • You're bigger than her in your mind but not in her mind if your big for her she wouldn't do that. It was normal and its nice you didn't do more than that since you got 2 punch and black eye.

      I dont see any pro here all in all its her fault you didn't gave her money you got punch!! I think this happen when a thief try to stole people money then people refuse so they punch or hit them. Your girl bad girl if she won't change I dont see happy future

    • Well then, I gotta go to school now, I'll break up with her today, such a shame really, I suppose greed brings out the worst in us eh?

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  • You guys are headed down the road to domestic violence. If this is okay in your relationship it's only going to escalate. Stop now.

  • You both did something wrong! You don't hit another person in an argument.


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