How am I supposed to get over this?

How am I suppose to get over this break up? I was left with nothing after I gave everything. I'm 7 months pregnant and sleeping on a couch and I can hardly fit on it and my baby's father/ex fiancé doesn't care. I'm physically in pain and emotionally and I just want to know how to get over this. I love him and he "doesn't love me"

we were together for over a year and we have a kid on the way. How can he really not care? He jumped into a relationship the day after we broke up and is talking about being a family with this girl and stuff. Saying they love each other. I'm just lost at what to do. Please help!


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  • I am so very sorry, Furryfire, for your Pain and No gain with a loser, a dead beat dad, which doesn't surprise me... they are out there and the numbers are growing every day and in every way.
    All you can right now, is thank God for whatever little blessings you can get with a Blessed event on the way. If you are with a friend, a family member, then go also to Social Services, have them help and direct you and start your life on a good foot... do this in baby steps.
    It will take time and may never happen, for with a little one hooked at the hip with this dog, that you will forget him.
    I know a gal right now who is living with her 4 month old child at a friend of mine whom she has known for a long time, and goes back and forth to Texas in hopes of getting him to be... a dad to their babes in toy land.
    It may never go the way you would want but in time, go seek some help where this 'Dead beat' pays... in some way or another. He will find that all of his life he cannot escape being in the Doghouse here, dear.
    Good luck and God bless you and your blessed little one. xxoo

    • Consider it a Blessing in disguise that this guy is out of your life and someone now has Your headaches and heartaches. xx

    • I was reading this question and I didn't have any answers. I was thinking that there's no way. Good answer :)

      What if she's alone? What can she do then?

    • She apparently 'isn't alone' if she is sleeping on a bad couch so she is staying with someone... I am sure she has friends, family who can best assist and can direct her, along with some social services.. thank you, YourFutureEx.:)) xx

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