Should I call him out on it?

So my boyfriend recently broke up with me 2 days before our 1 month to go out with someone else. And I tried talking to him online and calling him out by knowing he would do this and that I should've listend to everyone else. But he wouldn't let me talk he just kept saying bye which made me really mad. And know I just want to do it. But should i? Is it worth it or no?
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  • No, just leave it. Every time you send him something, you are giving him a little piece of power over your emotions. You telling him off isn't going to make him sad, or make him feel badly about what he did. It has the chance of having the exact opposite effect, of having him smile a bit inside knowing that you can't stop thinking about him, even if he pissed you off. He knows that he got you, that he is on your mind and you can't do anything about it. He will know that he can affect you without doing a single thing, that's how much power he has.

    Don't give him that power. Leave it. Don't contact him, don't message him. Just move on.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You sound hell bent on going through with it anyways, regardless of what anyone on here, dear, says to you. If this is the case and it can't be face to face, send him some sort of Emotional emoticon with a few short but not so sweet words like: Bye, loser... you are not worth my time of day anymore.
    It may give you closure but more over, give you some Pleasure that there are many more fish out in the sea better and who will see you as a... treasure.
    I know where you are at, sweetie. I still have a husband I left out in Egypt and every once in awhile, with no smile, I will send him an angry emoticon and with it... some choice words that actually make my day.
    Good luck. xx


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  • less than a month and you're freaking out? go on dates with one of the the 9 zillion guys at your school


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  • It's 1 month... not a serious relationship at all. You'll get over it, you're young.


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