We got along well, he was feeling down and not working, relationship got a stale. He said there was nothing there anymore. We haven't spoke 3 weeks?

We were just together for 6 months. The relationship was amazing, but did slow down in the end. We are both in our thirties and have children. We were living together for the last couple months. I had some guy friends that used to show me attention, but he didn't seem to mind. We had a talk about the relationship a couple months ago, when it started to slow down. I told him we should not waste each others time if our relationship is going to die out. He assured me he loved me and wanted to be with me. Now here I am wondering what happened.


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  • Have you tried getting ahold of him during this time period? If so and he isn't answering/returning your calls, that is rude, it doesn't matter how busy one gets, there is always time. If not, maybe you should, find out what's up, and if he doesn't answer, etc, then refer to the first sentence. It does happen from time to time where one just quits talking to the other. After a period of time they contact them and say something. I've got nothing else..

    • Thank you!
      I have not contacted him... We pulled away from each other.. I don't know if I want to hear anything hurtful. We left things on a decent note. I just let him go...

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  • he probably got bored..


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