He wants to be friends for now? What does that mean? He's 17 and I'm 15?

Me and my now ex boyfriend broke up. He says he still wants to be friends for now what does that mean? And he says he still loves me but doesn't think we'll get back together. Also his cousin got my phone number from a friend and said he likes/loves me but I don't like his cousin. But I told my ex and he handled it.


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  • He wants to fuck around and screw other girls then try to get back with you later in life (if you become hotter/stay the same) and he is desperate for a girlfriend/boot call.

    • I mean... yes but... haha... not necesarily the hotter comment. As a matter of fact it had probably not much to do with your looks as much as other factors like maturity, where he is going in life, freedom, no strings attached... the dude is 17 haha he's probly thibking frik! I can now hang and chill with my friends no problem.

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  • He just wants to keep you wrapped his finger so he can go out and do whatever he wants to with other girls. He wants to get with other girls and then get back with you later in life, he doesn't really know what he wants I suppose. He's 17 just move on don't bother being friends with him. I don't consider being friends with an ex I would just move on, don't waste your time on him.


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  • He's at that age where he wants to explore his options with women. He wants to be friendly with you just in case his plans fall through. I'm not suggesting that he didn't/doesn't care for you, but he's a 17 y/o boy. Don't waste your time on him hun.

  • he loves you as a friend. and he doesn't want to lose you but he cant' be in a relationship b/c in the long run it will probably not work out.


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