Will a guy wonder if he should have married another girl he dated after divorce?

If he's getting divorced and he runs into a girl he dated briefly, it kinda fizzled out but they hit it off

and he tells her he admires her thinks she is really cool and that he is too attracted to her to be friends on facebook right now

he just split and is in the divorce process

what does this mean?
Does it mean that he could try to date me one day?


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  • After being through marriage break down and divorce, you go round and round in circles for months... would I, should I, could I, if I did this different- then maybe this wouldn't have happened..
    It will take until well after divorce is finalised for him to get his emotional state back in order... finality is important, while he is still dealing with divorce he will be focused on that and his ex, without putting proper effort into the new relationship..
    The new girl will play second fiddle to all that...
    I set a target of waiting 2 years before getting into a relationship again...
    That said I did start friends with benefits after a year...
    Hope this helps, ask anything...

    • Do you think he's thinking more than friendship with me?

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    • His divorce just finalized. I told him to have a good weekend he said I hope you have a great one! So I'll leave it in his court.

    • Good call, just take it easy for a while... by all means do things together, go places etc, but just bide your time before launching into sexual stuff or relationship... give it a coupla months of catching up every second weekend etc, don't live in each other's pockets... just take it easy for a while... it'll pay dividends later on..

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  • That he could be interested but I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that he is going to marry this girl right after a divorce. But Maybe after a while he might be thinking of the whole marriage thing.


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  • He's trying to date you now after divorce hell question almost every choice he's made and another pretty lady who knows you will be at the top of the list tho he might just want sex

    • So you're saying he wants me?

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    • His divorce finalized last week. Just found out. Do you think he'll be in touch?

    • Most likely yeah feel free to contact him if you want to speed it up most guys under 40 have no problem being asked out

  • that means he consinders the other girl ws a "better" choice basially


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