Ex boyfriend dealing with grief, has yours ever come back to you?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me a few months back after his dad sadly passed away suddenly late last year. He tells me that he's numb to emotions and doesn't feel anything for anyone, not even his family.

His way of ending the relationship was that he doesn't want to be in one with anyone, however, he is on several dating websites stating that he wants a relationship, when asked why, he couldn't give a straight answer.

He's dealing with the grief of losing his dad by stuffing stuff up his nose and drinking round the clock, his way of dealing with the loss of me (even though he ended it) is by "meeting new girls" apparently...

Whilst I believe he is grieving in a very bad way, i'm not so sure I believe the whole "doesn't want a relationship" when his dating websites say different...

My question is, has anyone on here lost a significant other to grief and had them return months later?


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  • He's looking for release. When my dad died last year I was the same. People grieve differently, there is no right or wrong way.
    I would guess he is interested in casual sex with no attachment, hence the dating websites. As for a relationship, if his head is like mine, definitely not capable of sustaining a relationship for the first 6 months after his dad passed, maybe even longer


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  • Going through the same situation. Its been three months and he still won't see me in person he completely pushed me away but still parties every weekend with all his friends including girls. It kills me to see that his fathers death changed him so much. I wish thing were different for us


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  • Yea I don't know if he'll come back since I've never been in that situation, but what sounds from your post is that he's in a lot of pain right now. If he needs a break, give him a break. If he comes back, than be there for him, maybe even as just a friend. Right now he just feels numbness and emptiness and time will eventually help him. Everyone eventually gets over grief even though that hole is still inside us, but I can't tell if he'll come back or not.


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