He broke up with me, and now also stalks me?

It wasn't a bad breakup (i. e. no cheating involved). He just doesn't wanna do any long distance and so he completely gave up before giving it a shot as, realistically speaking, "what future can we have?"

After repeating a few cycles of trying to stay friends, going on no contact, becoming flirtatious again, we've came to no contact again about 3-4 weeks ago.

I got pretty devastated, feel unwanted, so I deleted him from Facebook.

He then sent a text saying it is difficult on him too, but also probably in my opinion out of guilt.

A few times I felt weak and drop a few missed calls, he did call back once as well, but we never ever spoke.

And now I realized he starts liking my photos on Instagram and also reads ALL my Snapchat stories.

WHAT? I completely don't understand him. I don't understand the males now.


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  • you dated officially how long? i feel like you both check up on each other on social media from time to time. If it bothers you, block him from all your accounts and find a new guy. Dating someone else or see that he has someone else will help you move on


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  • He is interested in seeing what your up to with your life. as for stalking get over yourself, he is just looking at your social media which you have made available


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  • He is trying to keep a line of communication open, in case he ever wants something again. It doesn't mean "he like you," or "wants you." It's probably just part of a larger game he plays with girls. Good luck!

  • Stalking is a power and control thing.
    You don't realise it yet but you have avoided a bad relationship there!


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