Have I pushed him too far? My ex wanted me back but continued texting another girl as well. I told her everything?

My recent ex tried to get back with me after I caught him cheating, we were in contact everyday since the breakup and as much as I love him I wasn't sure if I. could trust him again. Long story short I found out throughout this time he had taken another girl for a drink and they kissed. He STILL continued to text and call asking was it defo. over by the way us. I had enough and text this other girl who didn't know me and told her everything.. I received a message from him saying not to contact him again. I may have been irrational and hasty out of anger, but do you think I did the right thing. I still love him so much but can't take any more hurt.


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  • You did the right thing. Your ex was playing not only you but another innocent woman as well. Not only did you protect yourself but you also may have protected her as well. Because as much as we hate to admit it sometimes, your ex was in the wrong. Not that other woman. Keep your head up. You deserve better than what he was giving you. He thought he could get inside your head and he was succeeding. If you hadn't texted her and let her know, you probably would have fallen into his trap again. Good for you though. You did the right there and now that you have a sense of closure, you can try to move on and find happiness.

    • Thank you.. im sure not today but soon ill realise I did the right thing.

    • Exactly. It may take awhile but as soon as you feel ready to do so, you will be back into the dating world without a second thought of him. As soon as you come to terms with the fact that you deserve bette. And trust me, speaking from experience, I know how hard that can be.

  • Revenge is classic love addict behaviour.
    You will have loved him deeply but unfortunately the guy you invested in is an love avoidant type.
    You will never see him again

    • Oh and another thing, love avoidants tend to be sex addicts. You've saved yourself a life of poverty and misery. You should celebrate really

    • Its so hard to think of him that way atm, he was very loving for the best part of our relationship and planned marriage etc, we were even trying for a baby. Just so hard to come to terms with that he changed so much

    • Remember the guy you first met was fake and that the guy you saw towards the end was the true him.
      These guys, will tell you anything you want to hear just to get in about your panties.
      I can guarantee you it was all bs

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