I can't get over the rejection from a girl I like, it's been 3 weeks now, why do I still think of her while studying?

And sometimes i'am blocked, and asking myself , what did i miss so that she rejets me?


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  • You may be continueing to think of her because she rejected you. I could be wrong. But sometimes when a person rejects you, it woulds your ego so much (without even realizing it) that you feel like you can't do anything but think of where you went wrong. When being rejected you start feeling a number of mixed emotions. Anywhere from denial, to hurt, to shocked. Either way, you still feel negative emotions afterwards. Thinking there is something wrong with you. But in all actuality, there is nothing wrong with you at all. Just think of it as she wasn't right for you and her rejecting you will give you the opportunity to find out who is. Good luck, my friend.

    • Thanks a lot.

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    • :( I know how that is. Some people just take others for granted. Those are the ones that aren't worth the shirt off your back.

    • won't forget ur help, ever.

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  • same feeling. going through same thing..

    • he won't talk to me.. seeing my pic.. worked with him before.. he clearly dont like.. told his friend - i am not beautiful.. he doesn't want to talk to me

    • if a woman u dont like / find un attractive.. (liked u), would u refuse to talk to her?

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  • When you are rejected, you just don't fit in place. It's like putting a circle into a square suction cup.

    I reject french people all the time, they consider me racist for that though.
    My point is, everyone has a preference, and if you don't requirements aren't met. Then there can be a problem.

    I personally recommend that you get over it because girls like that already like someone else, or are into other types.

    Example : A really attractive woman walks through a village with men that appeal to her. A man walks up to her and asks her out, she rejects him. He walks inside and feels bad for him self.

  • You're way too attached. You need to learn to grow yourself to a point where you feel you have an abundance of women to pick from. Tell yourself each day "If not her, then someone better."

    The reason why you're having trouble getting over her is because you're in a scarcity mindset.

  • At the moment I dont like to reach girls rejection make me too angry I dont want to shout on a girl hahaha. I prefer to stay away for a while

  • i guess u can't accept the fact u were rejecteed basically... better u shuld... there r other girls around that might like u u know...;-)

    • I don't want other girls, i want her, and there is also possibilities that you get rejected by other girls too.

    • I'am not sure, i can handle rejection, cuz most guys who handles it i think they don't open their hearts to people that fast, they are just messing around, but i don't see myself like that...