Should I just let it go?

Long story short, my husband and I are very happy and madly in love, but recently when we got in a huge argument , he went and called his ex girlfriend and I guess they spoke a while and after everything was patched up I found out they spoke because she texted him at 2 am asking why they were getting so distant all of a sudden. I had his phone and responded with a picture of my wedding ring on my hand and said "that's why."

She got really upset and said something along the lines of "Wow, really Jordan? First you tell me that you need me to be there for you and then you don't even tell me that you and her are back together? I wish you the best, just remember that I will always love you and always will be here for you. always."

I responded that there is no "back together." and that we are MARRIED. I thanked her for respecting..--- It took all of my strength not to bite this girl's head off because I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of knowing that it bothered me.

However, the days are passing since it happened and my husband says that he doesn't care about her romantically at all. No doubt at all that she loves him, but he doesn't love her. It angers me to the core just to think about it, and the fact that my husband doesn't want me talking to her-- (but he also refuses to confront her about it) PISSES me off!!

He should tell her to f** off or I will, right? Advice?


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  • marriage counseling... If he doesn't believe it from you, maybe he needs a marriage counselor to tell him that calling his ex when he's married is the dumbest thing you could do. Cut the head off teh snake now, before it finds its way into another hole


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  • Oh my God this pisses me off so bad. Listen girl, you have the right to be pissed. You have the right to confront her or speak to her. And him being the man who caused it, should grow some balls and dispose of the problem properly. He should never have contacted his ex bitch. He should have never allowed her to speak that way to him either. Its disrespectful. Not only to you but to your marriage as well! This is so unhealthy for a marriage. He needs to understand that! And what you need to look at is what he is doing every time you two argue. Is he doing this every time or what else is he doing when you two fight? Because clearly if he's telling his ex you two have broke up, then he's doing it with others as well. Confront him and give him an alternative. You or her. Tell him to block her from Facebook, instagram, cell phones, etc . Either that or you shouldn't be with him. Would he cheat? Because him telling her he is single and you two split up is one step closer to cheating. Trust me, I've been there with my ex. I wish you the best of luck. I'm so insanely pissed off for you.


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