Can you guys help me out? my post kind of long but can I get an advice?

my ex bf that been ex for 2months we had a 3year relationship he broke up with me , things werent going good lately well he has been txtn me he told me he text me cuz he miss. me and he regrets what he did but hasn't change us to be together. He told me when we were in a relationship if space was something we could of done but anyways basically we both talk but he the one that only text thats how we both text eachother and now we text like each week like for 4 days , if he knocks out on me he text me the next day. Now the thing is that im getting attach even tho we just txtn and i haven't seen him and im getting a bit uncomfortable , i want to tell him what i feel about us txtn and making me feel like i miss him more but that i like txtn him and knowing he txts me but then i want to tell him that if he already doing him i think is better to not text me because i would feel some certain way get me? Can anyone help me say it in a way that he would just say okay i won't text you anymore , i want him. to understand what im trying to tell him in a good way. My intensions are not to get back with him if things happen it will happen at the correct time but i really want to tell him how im feeling.


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  • Just tell him that being your not a couple it makes you feel more lonely when you guys text and you feel it best to hold off on texting until you both decide what y'all want


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