I really miss my ex help me?

Its been 4 minths since my ex boyfriend after 8 months broke up with me on new years eve! I was gutted because i really liked him and his family! Anyway I've been doing well as I've focused more on myself with my work, driving and spending more time with my friends. But last week he started messaging me all friendly and kept asking questions about what im doing with my life and if I'm seeing anyone etc. But i kept the answers short, then i messaged him saying " Sorry but i dont think we should be friends as you did hurt me and not sure if i can forgive you. So being friends right now isn't the right time" Then he replied " Ok, i understand but i would rather if we stayed friends"
So anyway, hadn't spoken since last week. My ex boyfriend is my brother's football manager, so today i went with my family to go and watch the game. I had a lovely chat with his mum who does the teas and coffees there. And seeing my ex in person for the first time in ages has made me really miss him and his family lots! I know i need to remember he did hurt me but i just need to stop thinking about him! I want to move on but I'm finding it impossible! Anyone else experiencing similar thing and how are you coping with it? Any advice would be great!


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What Guys Said 1

  • That's so sweet
    You know a good relationship with his family is awesome thing
    Anyway he hurts you the first place
    Then there's aftermath
    So leave him suffer for let's say a week or two
    And if you really like him you should forgive him
    I mean we're humans after all
    So tell me what you're willing to do?


What Girls Said 1

  • I went through the same with my ex. I say if your gonna try you guys need to not jus jump right back into. Rebuild the foundation of your relationship. Good luck. And me and my ex are jus friends at the moment. So know it takes time


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