Girls, how do you deal with break ups?

I know there are a lot of factors involved in break ups, but I'm curious as to how you deal with it.

- Tell me how you deal with it as the dumper.
- Tell me how you deal with it as the dumpee.
- How long does it take for you to get over the relationship as the dumper.
- How long does it take for you to get over the relationship as the dumper.



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  • Dealing with it as the dumper: I feel quite alright. It was my choice so I just move on.
    Dealing with it as the dumpee: Depending on how much ill like the guy, if I loved him I would be sluggish, sad, crying constantly and not being out and about for a few weeks. If I didn't like him all that much I would just be like meh whatever.
    Getting over relationships as the dumper: Meh ill just move on and not moap over it.
    Getting over relationships as the dumpee: I watch horror movies to take my mind off of all the complicated shit and I call helplines for relationships and ask them what I should do and they give me advice!

    • You might be too young to have sex, I don't know the laws in your country. But would you be having sex with your boyfriend in the week of the break up? Would you be planning trips with him and be excited to spend time with him?

    • Well im only fourteen, not at all interested in sex. But maybe if I was interested I would not have sex with him in the week of the breakup. That sounds pathetic if you ask me.

    • I meant of sex happened just before the break up... Does that seem right? Or as if the break was spontaneous, rather than planned?

      Like you told me that being the dumper isn't too much of a big deal because it's a choice, basically you thought about it and then decided to break it off at some point.

      If someone decided to break it off after having sex, doesn't it seem a little weird and out of place.

      I thought if a break up was on the way, there would be no sex, or at least not much of it?

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  • I've been dumped. It's been 13days all I've done is cry and over think and over analyse everything. It's very hard when you are inlove and he is too but he calls it to a stop. I've dumped but in primary so there's no major emotions there xxx

    • I was dumped 7 days ago, so I know your pain.

      But guess what? I think my ex just tried to call me.

      It was a British mobile number, and even though I didn't know her number by heart, I've got a big feeling it's her.

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    • It wasn't her :/

    • Don't worry. Just don't expect anything I moved out and he hadn't text me Atal it's breaking my heart. He's replied to my text. It's all so very hard I've just woke up now with that dreaded feeling horrible xxx

  • Dumper:
    You always need to have the main reasons why you broke up with this person, in your mind. And also do things that you love.

    Just do a lot of things, having in mind "their is someone better out there".

  • My frd was dumped a month ago. She s so in love with her bf. Her bf said the main reason he dumped her is she still keeps photos n viedeos of her exs. We all tried to explain her bf how she deeply loves him but he couldnt accept.
    My frd still has feelings for her bf. She says she truly loves him. She even cries infront all of us. And she also drinks spy n she's out of control.
    I just want to figure out her bf actually loves her or not. I think its just not a big reason to break up (keeepinp exs photos) If u really love u should forgive.. right?
    on the side of my frd i think my frd should forget him... cos there's no flaws in my frd... she's prettty.. rich... smart... kind...
    I wish my frd meets one true love :)

  • Murder them.

    • Just kidding.

  • I am still figuring that out. I haven't really ever dumped anyone so I can't really say I have had where the guy was like I think we need to break up cause like u accused me of cheating with ur friend and I was like cause she said u have been hitting her up about it and I was like okay well if u do know this u will regret it and when u try to come back it will be no. I then went on about things and hung out with my friends and he called saying I was right he regretted and I said too late moved on... When you break up with someone you are much more cold about it cause like there was a reason you did it...

    Now being dumped sucks especially when you love them and you still do. Especially when you have stuff together and you used to talk about a future together. I just had this happen and some days I am fine and other days I cry. Some days I can be good and not talk to him or check his fb or our phone bill we have together to see who he is talking to. But he says now he is unsure if he wants to be done for good. Doesn't know. Doesn't wanna talk about spiriting stuff up. So it's hard I love him. I have been trying to talk to other guys to make myself think less about it and hang with family and friends. Anything to keep my mind off of him. But like with each person it's different I don't know how long it will take with him probably won't ever truly be over him in honesty. I don't know.

  • As a dumper il wait and wait for you to come and get me again if you don't il throw a few hints and if you don't get it il do anything possible to move on and not think about how everything that went wrong was my fault.

    As a dumpee, il try my best to avoid you and wait for you to contact me because you have to wonder why I im not responding. And il be sad in front of the TV crying, and eating and not wanting to take a shower and then drink a few comprals for my heartache. Eventually I get up after my deep depression and move on and do my thing and think less of you each day and hating you if I do cause how can you do this to me?

    As a dumper about 2-3 mon the to get over a guy.

    As a dumpee it took me 4 months once ago to stop crying and then I couldnt move on for abother 2 years. But this was my first love. now I force myself to not think about my ex and then I really stop thinking about him.

    As the dumper I take a whole month to realise what I've done then I cry my eyes out for a month and then I feel better then I can move on and be glad that I'm over this stupid situation I couldn't get out of just because of stupid feelings and hen I party like a 19 year old rockstar and live my life for as long that there's no man that complicates everything


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