If a girl overcompensates her confidence during a breakup is that a good indicator she's hurting too?

So we had plans to move out and she was pretty much runni ng away from home. If she left with me she would dropping her college funds and ever talking to her mom again. Dropping everything for me. She was all ready and backed out last minute. I never showed her how much I cared for her. I was madly in love with her. She said she didn't even think I would have a reaction thought I'd be completley fine. when I told her that's not the case she told me don't think it's because I don't love you.. said it's going to take... a long time to get over me. Said she can't even look at another guy.

She broke up with me cried for. me and asked me back the next day hysterically I rejected her I guess because I was so hurt and my pride got in the way. We got in a bad fight after that. Then asked for her back at the end and she rejected. me again. Said I think u just like the fact that I always come back. Saying I've been moody and say mean things.

I had to pick some stuff up after a couple messy fights and she brought up how I didn't care or show her anything and she regrets telling. me she loves. me because I didn't show her anything in return and she felt used. She then said 'I bounce back pretty quick so I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing.'

It was a cluster fuck of a relationship we would sneak around once Or twice a month.. got distant and passive aggressive. Note she's only a year out of high school.

I remember the first time we had to split a year ago she admitted to me that she could not eat or even go out for two months. Then again she lost her job the same time.
She cut all contact by the way


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  • Breakups suck regardless for both. Each is going to hurt. I had a gal break up with me 4 months in the night before i was suppose to meet her family... Guess how shocked i was. She said she didn't want me to meet her parents, but texted me at 2am telling me i treated her like a true lady and thanks for all the memories. then she proceeded to delete every picture of us off all media accounts. didn't hear a word from her after, she cut all contact. It sucked, but teh distance is what makes it easier

    • So do you think she's hurting just as bad?

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  • Look, you don't just cut off all contact with somebody without a reason.

    • To get over me said she can't do that if she keeps talking to me

    • Yeah, she's trying to get over you. Which means she's hurting.

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